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Template Categories

By customising high quality website templates we can save our time and your money.

The template categories are shown down the left of the page. Just click any link to display thumbnails for that category. Click any thumbnail for a larger more detailed demo of that template and the pages that come with it.

Don't worry if you do not see a category that matches what you want. Because for example, we can customise an art template to be a jewelry shop by changing pictures, text, parts of the layout and perhaps adding buy now buttons or a shopping cart.


The Levels Of Customisation Offered.

We have fixed prices for options 1 and 2, and will quote for more the elaborate customisation of level 3.

  1. The most basic option. We replace the text with your own, change headings, sub headings and colours.
    You keep the images and graphics that came with your chosen template.

  2. The next level . We do the same as above but also replace some or all of the images that are supplied with the template.

  3. The top level. We do the above changes and also change the page layout of some or all website pages.
    e.g. change a three column layout to two, add a slide show in place of a static photo or add a shopping cart.

Some of these templates come with Flash headers or Flash intros that have sound. There may be an extra charge for customising the Flash intro or header depending on the template and what you need changed.