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We provide high quality websites and associated services such as email, hosting and search engine promotion.
If you want a professional looking website fast you can't beat our template customisation service. You can be up and running within a week.


Bespoke Design & Development

You let us know what you need and we design and build your website from scratch. Feel free to use any of the template designs for inspiration.

Template Customisation

Choose one of our many templates and we will customise it to suit your requirements.
Please note that these templates are not the do it yourself kind that can be found all over the web. They are high quality and professionally designed and coded.
We have fixed prices for our custom options and will quote for more elaborate customisation.

  1. The most basic option. We replace the text with your own, change headings, sub headings and colours.
    You keep the images and graphics that came with your chosen template.

  2. The next level . We do the same as above but also replace some or all of the images that are supplied with the template.

  3. The top level. We do the above changes and also change the page layout of some or all website pages.
    e.g. change a three column layout to two, add a slide show in place of a static photo or add a shopping cart.

Some of these templates come with Flash headers or Flash intros that have sound. There may be an extra charge for customising the Flash intro or header depending on the template and what you need changed.

Freshen Up & Makeover Service

Is your website getting old, or looking out of date and lagging behind the competition?
We can freshen up your old website or just rebuild the whole thing and update it with new images, graphics, tables, forms, animation, sound or interactivity.

Flash Websites & Animation

You can find many Flash templates which can be customised on our website.
The Flash templates usually come with sound which we can change or take off if it's not wanted.
Flash customisation can be more expensive depending on the template and what parts of it you need customised.
We can also add Flash animation to parts of pages, and can build Flash banners for promotion purposes.


E-Commerce covers selling products or services online.
We have many E-Commerce templates which we can customise and populate with your products.
Or we can use one of the popular turnkey E-Commerce solutions not mentioned here.


We provide email with all websites as standard - it's included in the price. e.g.
This includes Webmail, which can be accessed through a browser such as Internet Explorer. Webmail is very like Yahoo or Hotmail except rather than or you get
We also provide POP/SMTP email with all websites. This is the email you pick up through Outlook, Outlook express, Mail (mac), Thunderbird or any other mail software that you prefer. We provide instructions for setting up POP/SMTP email on your office/home PC in case you're not sure how to set it up.

Email Only

We can also provide personalised email without a website. We provide the same options as above.


We provide website hosting for a monthly fee depending on your website size and the traffic to it.
For websites that exceed their bandwidth allocation there are further charges. However, in order to exceed your bandwidth quota you will have exceptionally high traffic to your website.
If you expect to have high volumes of traffic visiting your website let us know and we will provide higher capacity servers, and will then be able to set a higher fixed monthly rate of payment to avoid large fluctuations in your monthly billing.

More details on hosting can be found on our FAQ page.

Maintenance & Updates

We offer fixed monthly fees for regular additions/changes to your website. e.g. changing prices or adding photos.
The fee will depend on the the estimated time involved with the expected ongoing changes.


If you don't know what to say about yourself or your business, we can write your copy for you.
We charge for this service.

Image Sourcing

If you don't have photos/graphics yourself, we can find them for you after being briefed on what you want.
We charge for this service.

Search Engine Submission

We submit all websites to hundreds of search engines including the top engines such as Google and Yahoo.
We do this as standard and do not charge for doing it.

Search Engine Marketing

Another method of getting your website a better position is to use search engine marketing. Using this method you can come in the top search engine results even in competitive areas. As a general rule, the more you pay the better and more consistent your results will be.
If you have a new website (as opposed to a makeover of an existing website) this is a good way to start out, as it takes a minimum of several months for a new website to rise through the listings... if it's going to rise at all.

Email Newsletters

We can add an opt in form for a newsletter that you will send to your customers. If you intend to send visitors/customers a newsletter or email updates, You legally need them to opt in.
If your visitors/customers have not given you approval to send them regular newsletters/updates, you are spamming them, which is not allowed and can be very annoying as anybody who gets spammed will tell you.

If we find anybody hosted on our servers sending spam, we will be forced to shut them down.


You can have audio on your website, either as button sound effects or as a backing track.
Usually backing audio is looped (repeats itself) in order to keep the file small. This is because larger files do not load very quickly over some internet connections - causing pauses in the sound, which sounds horrible.
Either you need to own the copyright or the sound has to be copyright free in order to use it.
We can point you to places where you may find sound tracks that you want, and to places that will compose sound for you.


We can add video to your website if wanted. Depending on the video quality/size we may have to use faster servers for this and will therefore need to charge you more for hosting.
Of course you may want to make your own video. However, if you don't, there are many places you can find video footage. Some of which are on our 'Resources' page.
uses of video are; walk throughs (estate agency), introductions to your business, training and demonstrations of products.


Just call or email and ask... yes it is free.


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