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Places to Find Content

We can add content from any of these suppliers to your website.

These links will open new windows to websites where you can find stock photography, animation, video and more. This page is aimed at those of you who don't have your own content and are looking for ideas, or to buy content for your own website.

The 'website templates' that we customise have a mixture of photos, graphics and animation. You have the right to keep and use these elements without the need to worry about copyright. However you may want to find new, and perhaps more relevant photos and graphics or other media such as sound or video.

There are many other features you can add to your website such as sound, RSS feeds and even speaking characters that answer FAQ's or present your company mission statement and values.

We will add more links in the near future as we find suitable vendors who are reliable, deliver quality and good service.

Resources Links Massive professional picture bank. Motion picture bank Budget Picture Bank. Professional picture and video bank. Professional picture bank. Add speaking characters to your website... English accents are available. Just let us know which character that you want and we will do the rest.



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